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303  Vinyl Protectant

303 Vinyl Protectant

303 Vinyl Protectant is the best UV blocker weve found. The formula has so much protection, its like a #30 sunscreen for your vinyl! 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant contains no silicone or solvents, and leaves a deep, lasting shine.

"Your product "303" is wonderful! It makes all vinyl look factory new and rejuvenated, without the shiny, slick surface that lesser products (containg silicone or petroleum distillates) leave. It even removed the slight scuff marks. However, I am very frugal, and do not "spray & remove" but rather saturate a small soft cloth and apply, then remove. This also avoids the spray getting where one does not want. Feel free to use my recommendation to others."

Jim Manner
Panaca, NV

303 has been the choice of boat owners for many years, making its transition to the automotive industry a natural. Its vinyl, rubber, and fabric protectants are without equal. Years of research on UV damage has resulted in superior protection for cars, boats, aircraft, and the home. A single application will keep surfaces from fading until you remove it.

303 Vinyl Protectant

Item NameItemDescriptionQtyPriceLimited Offer
303 Vinyl Protectant 303-230340 (16oz
303 Vinyl Protectant 303-230350 (32oz Better value! $18.95
303 Vinyl Protectant 303-230370 (1 gal Best Value! $59.50

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