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Mold Mildew Remover

Mold Mildew Remover

Microban Mold & Mildew Remover is an environmentally-safe, anti-microbial formula that destroys mold, mildew, and other bacterial odors on contact. Microban has long been considered the #1 remedy for mold & mildew. When you cannot use chlorine, Microban is the only solution. The formula is a water-based, nonflammable bactericide, fungicide, deodorant and anti-microbial, all in one unique formulation

Apply to carpet, upholstery, vinyl, leather, shower tile, boat storage areas, basements, musty campers, motor homes and air conditioning vents. We know of no other product that can match its performance time after time, no matter the size of the job.

We once sold this remarkable product to a home owner that had a broken pipe under his kitchen floor. The odor was so bad it was driving his family out of the house. He had to crawl a log way to reach the damage, but it was worth the effort. We tell distraught customers: "Microban will get rid of your odor if it has a shred of access."

Microban eliminates the spores instantly, and has a long-lasting, residual effect. It may be sprayed by hand on any surface, or injected into carpet and upholstery padding with our hypodermic syringe. Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus is E.P.A. approved for both spray and fogging applications.

Microban is the #1 choice of professionals and has been used for mildew removal in the janitorial industry for decades. Bubble Gum fragrance.

Application Tips:

  • Use full strength. Do not dilute
  • Apply via sprayer to porous surfaces at rate of 1,500 sq. feet per gal
  • Spray until moist, brush into carpeting, let dry 10-20 minutes
  • See label for additional instructions

    Microban is included in the professional "Odor Wipe-Out System"

    Due to VOC Regulations, this product cannot ship to California.

    Mold Mildew Remover

    Item:#SY-OMIC1000 (1 gal

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