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Cut Item Fast Clean! Some Wheel Cleaners are so safe, they cannot remove heavy brake dust. Our Top of the Line "Wheel Wash" is a dynamite brake dust remover that works the first time... every time, without harm to clear coat wheel finishes.

It dissolves the adhesive that is mixed with the brake dust. (This is why brake dust is so difficult to remove). Just spray on wheels and tires, agitate with brush if needed, and hose-off. Don't worry if you accidentally spray your vehicle's body. Wheel Wash will not harm the paint.

Thanks to Nick Carberry, owner of "The Details" in Woodstock, GA for the Wheel Wash, "Before and After" shots!

Wheel Wash an economical answer to the weekly ritual of frustrated scrubbing. It is designed for vehicles that produce a lot of brake dust and for neglected vehicles. The formula is also concentrated, and may be diluted with water for even more powerful cleaning. Yes, that's right. The Wheel Wash's formula creates a chemical reaction with water that makes the cleaner stronger.

"I finally got a chance to use the wheel cleaner on my wife’s car, and all I can say is WOW! It normally takes me 20-30 minutes to clean her wheels, since they are a web type design. I cut that down to 10 minutes, and they look even better than before. Thanks again."

Ben Cook Roanoke, VA

55 gallon drums available upon request. Please call 800-533-5743 to order.

Do not use Wheel Wash on polished aluminum and do not let it dry on wheels.

This product temporarily, cannot ship to California, Delaware, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio and Virginia.