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Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectant
Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectant
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Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectant

Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectant


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Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectant


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Product Description
Aircraft Rubber & Vinyl Protectants perform a necessary job. Modern aircraft has many surfaces made of rubber, vinyl and plastic. These materials quickly dry and crack in the intense temperatures within and outside the cockpit. They lose natural oils (in the rubber) and plasterers (in the plastic or fiberglass). Aero PROTECT was designed to halt this process and ensure the materials remain in excellent condition.

Aero PROTECT is uniquely designed to penetrate porous surfaces. This prevents “Sling-Off” when the product is applied to tires. This is a great time-saver as it eliminates the dirt-magnet grease spots behind wheel wells, the underside of the wings, and the area along the bottom of the fuselage.

PROTECT is formulated to condition and protect a plethora of surfaces. PROTECT prohibits UV damage, provides an abrasion barrier on seat coverings and guards against extreme temperature fluctuations. Maintain the flexibility of your interior with PROTECT.

Don't forget, PROTECT is perfect for ALL of your vehicles!

LEARN MORE ABOUT PROTECT: Click here to watch the video. (Be patient on the download time)
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