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Stiff Leather Revitalizer

Stiff Leather Revitalizer

Stiff Leather Revitalizer
Do you have old, stiff leather items? Leather Master's Leather Vital will bring it back to life! It's the first product we've found that will truly revitalize older leather and soften stiff leather.

Leather Vital penetrates the leather to soften and nourish. It is a formula unlike any we've encountered. It isn't thick or full of oils like conditioners. It reaches deep into the hide, which is essential for suppleness recovery.

This product is used in the furniture industry to solve complaints that customer's leather doesn’t feel as soft as the floor model. Leather Vital is also used to soften the area during repairs and to dilute pigments.

Leather Vital is excellent for eliminating the "squeaking" noise caused by two sections rubbing together. This noise is especially common with leather furniture.

Special Thanks to Ultimate reflections of San Antonio, TX for the photo of his latest leather rejuvenation with Leather Vital. The leather on this Lexus was dry and stiff before the Vital treatment. It is now soft and has a lovely sheen.

When we state this product is like no conditioner ever produced, we mean it!

For Leather Types:

  • A-Aniline/Non-Coated
  • P-Protected/Coated

  • Revitalizes Old Leather
  • Softens Stiff Leather
  • Eliminates Leather Squeaking

  • Stiff Leather Revitalizer

    Item NameItemDescriptionQtyPriceLimited Offer
    Stiff Leather Revitalizer LM-31501250 (250 mil Do you have old, $15.95
    Stiff Leather Revitalizer LM-415010 (1 liter Best Buy! $59.95

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