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Aircraft Polish & Wax

What Type of Wax should I use for my Airplane?

Painted aircraft finishes must have wax on them at all times. We do not recommend using spray-on products because they contain very little, if any, wax. Machine applied paste waxes are fine if you have the polisher to do the work.

We highly recommend a liquid polymer sealant. These waxes are the most durable, provide the most UV protection, do not require strenuous rubbing, and can be applied by hand or machine.

Our one-step cleaner/sealants will polish the surface and lay down wax at the same time. (DO NOT waste money on products promising 1-5 years of protection. This claim is not possible. The advertising is 100% fraudulent.) The best sealants last about 6 months, with proper care.

Do not use a high-powered pressure machine to wash a plane. They can easily strip wax and paint from the surface.

Why Polish?

Lasting shine doesn't result from the waxing process. Perfection of the paint creates shine and that is achieved by removing surface imperfections. Pre-clean (polish) the surface if you are applying wax for the first time. You'll need an orbital polisher and a formula that removes light scratches and oxidation. You can choose a one-step, cleaner/wax if you are pressed for time.

Badly oxidized, or scratched surfaces will require a professional leveler and a high-speed polisher. We recommend having this done by a professional detailer.

Aircraft Windows Need Polishing.

Don't forget to polish and protect the plastic (Plexiglass) windshield and side windows! Choose from our specialized plastic products that meet aircraft approved specifications.

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