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Airplane Vent Filter

Airplane Vent Filter
Airplane Vent FilterAirplane Vent Filter
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Airplane Vent Filter

Airplane Vent Filter


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Product Description
Protection for Healthy Air Travel.

Our Airplane Air Filters have been tested in an FDA certified lab and are shown to remove 99.5% of all airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens through its electrostatic-charged, filter media.

The "Plane Clean Air Filter" is a compact device that can be attached to a passenger's overhead gasper nozzle. It houses a thin air gasket and is attached to the entrance port of the filter housing. The air filter attaches to most gasper configurations of Airbus and Boeing.

The filter is easy to install. Simply remove the liner from the adhesive on the air gasket and mount directly to the face of the gasper. The air gasket adhesive is formulated to hold the product securely, but will not leave any adhesive residue on the gasper surface when removed. Air flow can be controlled by rotating the housing, which in turn rotates the gasper.

At the end of the flight, Plane Clean Air can be detached easily and placed in its storage case. The adhesive and filter are designed to last for several flights. Replacement adhesive gaskets and filter media can be purchased below.

How Does the Filter Work?

The filter has been tested in an FDA certified lab and can remove 99.5% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens and particulates from the airstream that flows onto the passenger's face.

The airstream forms an air curtain that forces germs from other passengers and the surrounding cabin away from your face.

How Long Will the Filter Last?

The filter comes with two gaskets that last approximately 10 flights. The filter media is capable of lasting longer than 10 flights, regardless of duration.

Where Can I Get Replacement Gaskets and Filter Media?

Replacements can be purchased from this site. Filter replacement packs come with a single replacement filter and two (2) adhesive gaskets good for a total of 10 flights. Cost per flight breaks down to about $0.70 per flight.

Can the Filter be Used on All Aircraft?

The filter can be used on most aircraft that have air nozzles mounted over the seats. Some wide body jets (like the Boeing 747) are not configured with circular gasper nozzles over each seat. The filter will attach to Airbus, Boeing and other manufacturer's nozzles with similar geometries to Boeing and Airbus. The filter comes with a centering ring that aligns the housing to smaller nozzles, like those found on Boeing planes.

Will the Airlines Let me Use the Product?

The manufacturer (Travel Health Products, Inc.) has conducted several hundred test flights on several airlines. Air crews on these flights did not express concern over the use of the filter on the aircraft.

Is the Filer Approved by the FAA?

The Plane Clean Air filter has been tested in an FAA certified lab and meets the test requirements for FAA certification.

Studies and government hearings have been conducted to investigate passenger and flight attendant complaints about poor cabin air quality.

  • A University of San Francisco study found that participants had a 20% chance of having flu-like or cold symptoms within one week of flying. This represents a 300% increase in risk over those who do not fly.

  • The air recirculation rate in airplanes is greater than most office environments.

  • 25% of all U. S. aircraft that recirculate cabin air do not use filters.

  • 70% of passengers in one survey believed recirculated air caused more colds.

  • Most aircraft do not filter the outside air coming into the plane.

  • Boeing's David Space, when asked by a government panel if people can get sick from flying said, 'People do have symptoms? Flight attendants have symptoms? Passengers have symptoms.'