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Polish Aluminum into a Mirror!

Top of the Line combined the "World's Best" Cyclo Polisher with the finest aluminum polishes available. These packages are the #1 choice of vintage aircraft owners, Airstream enthusiasts, and motorcyclists.

Rolite polishes are unmatched for producing a "Mirror Finish" on sheet aluminum, diamond plate, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, chrome, and gold. They are also one of the few polishes that restore fiberglass and Plexiglass.

The Cyclo Orbital Polisher was developed to polish aircraft in the 1950's and has remained the easiest, most versatile polishing tool ever designed. It is unequaled for polishing paint, fiberglass, metal, and gel coat. It is also a remarkable upholstery and carpet shampoo machine.

To complete our polishing selection, we included two of our best high-speed rotary polishers for tackling highly neglected surfaces. They require an educated touch on paint, but are quite safe for fiberglass and aluminum. These speedy machines will cut your polishing time in half!

Rolite aluminum polishes were originally developed for the printing industry to restore copper plated rolls. The super fine polish could accomplish this without removing even a micron of copper.

Rolite polishes produce their rare, mirror-like shines with extremely fine abrasives dispersed in an emulsion base. The soft, creamy texture spreads like butter, and comes off with no strenuous buffing.

Aircraft and Airstream owners have relied on the Cyclo and Rolite for years. In fact, these "perfectionists" are the reason we developed our metal polishing packages.

Top of the Line has designed two Rolite Aluminum Polishing Packages with the Cyclo, and a Cyclo Polisher Package without the Rolite. This "Rolite Metal Polishing Kit" is for small jobs such as motorcycles, wheels, engine parts, aftermarket truck accessories, and household appliances.

Our "Metal & Fiberglass Polishing System" tackles big jobs with ease. Trailers, aircraft, boats, and big rigs can be transformed from a dull, stained finish to a blinding gloss!

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