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Auto Detail Buffing DVD

Auto Detail Buffing DVD
Auto Detail Buffing DVD
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Product Description
A Detailing DVD that teaches you proper methods of correcting and preserving your paint. "Buffing With Confidence" covers paint technology, types of paint flaws, and how to choose the right products to correct those flaws. This exceptional video covers every aspect of preparing the paint for polishing, secrets of the polishing process, and how to keep a "perfect shine" when the job is done.

Do you know which type of polisher you need? Do you know how to safely use a polisher? All of this is covered with informative demonstrations. We believe this is one of the best instructional DVDs for enthusiasts and those starting a detail business.

What is covered in "Buffing with Confidence?"

1) Paint Technology

The science behind your vehicle's paint is an essential part of polishing, but seldom a part of the instructional process. Learn why the type of paint determines the method to maintain it. The more you know about automotive paint systems, the better your ability to "Buff with Confidence".

2) Paint Problems

There are many. This video identifies problems and demonstrates the methods to correct them.

3) Paint Preparation

Prepping the vehicle “before” buffing (often overlooked) can include taping moldings and trim to avoid damage, or the use of automotive clay. We explain why the preparation step actually “saves” time and produces a better looking vehicle.

4) Buffing Products

Learn about the many levels and how to select what you need. Learn the chemistry behind these products and how to narrow the choices.

5) Polishing Accessories

View the different types of pads and their uses.

6) Polishers

Polishers are vastly different in appearance and function. Learn these differences, how it affects their usage, and how to properly handle the machines.

7) Polishing the Vehicle

Learn to properly correct, and create, a wet-look finish. Discover tricks for safe and efficient buffing. We also cover secrets the competition doesn't use.

8) Swirl Marks

A vehicle owner and detailer’s most common problem. We show the causes, and how to easily remove swirls. This subject so important.. we dedicated an entire section to its discussion.

9) Surface Protection

The fast and easy way to preserve a great finishing job.

10) Final Inspection

How to perform the final check, wipe down, and presentation of a flawless automobile. We show proper wipe-down techniques and easy methods to completion.

EVERY section of this video is presented in a technical and comprehensive manner!