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Auto Lap Tray

Auto Lap Tray

Auto Lap Tray
Our Auto Lap Tray is the Cat's Meow! This is one of our favorite products. This amazing little tray can turn a traveling headache into a joy.

No more drink or food spills. No more searching for a spot to put your french fries. Even children can eat a complete meal without making a mess. I know it's hard to believe, but the lap tray will hold every item you need for a meal on the go. It's one of those "why didn't I think of that" items.

The Lap Tray is designed for traveling long distances, or around town. It will hold a drink, eating utensils, napkins, main food item, a dessert or side dish, and even has a center section to hold fries in an upright position.

The tray bottom securely nestles over both legs so it won't slide around. It has a clever concave shape to enable the driver to place the tray in front of the steering wheel. (This has always been the a problem for single driver out for a quick drive-through lunch).

The Lap Tray can be used just about anywhere. Take it to the stadium or on a picnic. There is never enough table space at an outdoor event! Moms and Dads will be forever grateful for this stress reducing invention, and your auto detailer will thank you as well!

Get several. They stack and the narrow design is easy to store. Each tray measures: 20.5" Long x 7" Deep x 4.5" High.

Auto Lap Tray

Price:$6.95, 2/$9.90

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