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Auto Interior Door Guard

Auto Interior Door Guard

Auto Interior Door Guard
Protect car doors from paws and slobber!

Does your dog claw the car doors while looking out the windows? How about drooling all over the doors? Dog nails can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s interior, even the doors.

Safeguard your vinyl car doors with our Kurgo waterproof protectors. These easy to install, guards are adjustable to fit small and large vehicles. They attach with simple tabs that slide between your window and door panel. The guards also has a pocket for rags, etc.

An added bonus is easy clean-up. Throw the protectors in the washing machine and hang or lay them out to dry.

Door Guard Features:

  • Water proof
  • Storage pocket
  • Can be weighted for open windows
  • Machine Washable
  • Universal fit
  • 2 guards per box
  • Adjustable from 23" to 28” wide x 18” tall
  • All Kurgo products are backed by a lifetime warranty

    Not recommended for BMW's or vehicles with Auto Arrest windows.

    Customers say:

    Before using these door protectors, I had to spend a lot of time & effort getting the drool/dirt, cement-like mess off doors where my dogs lean. Now, I just whip off my fantastic door & seat covers to get my back seat suitable for humans!

    I have a Great Pyrenees that goes everywhere with me. He loves to get treats from his friends during our travels, thus leaving a lot of slobber and cookie drool on the door panels. The door guards stop this.

    Auto Interior Door Guard


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