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Blackfire Scratch Resistant Compound

Blackfire Scratch Resistant Compound
Blackfire Scratch Resistant Compound
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Product Description
Blackfire Scratch Resistant Compound will Remove Deeper Swirls, Spots & Defects in the New Scratch-Resistant Clear Coats.

This is a companion product to Blackfire S.R.C. Finishing Polish designed to remove deeper (1500 - 2000 grit) defects in ceramic particle and scratch-resistant clear coats. Like S.R.C. Finishing Polish, Blackfire SRC Compound is manufactured in Germany for Blackfire. It is the same compound used at the OEM level by both German and domestic automakers.

S.R.C. Compound is designed for machine application with either a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher, not by hand. For best results, apply S.R.C. Compound with a rotary, high-speed polisher set to 1000 rpm. using a foam cutting pad.

WARNING: S.R.C. Compound is for use on newer technology, scratch resistant clear coats. DO NOT use on pre-2005, conventional clear coats. Softer, traditional clear coats should be polished with Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish.

If you're not sure about your 2005 or 2006 vehicle, check with your dealer to see if it came with a scratch resistant clear coat. If it does, first try Blackfire S.R.C. "Finishing Polish" to correct the defect. S.R.C. Compound should only be used to remove deeper scratches and paint defects that S.R.C. Finishing Polish cannot.

After compounding, the surface may have a dull, cloudy finish. This is called compounding haze and is normal. After compounding, apply Blackfire Finishing Polish with a foam Polishing Pad to remove compounding haze and restore surface gloss.

It is highly unlikely you will need to compound an entire vehicle. Blackfire S.R.C. Compound is best used as a spot, problem solver.

Made in Germany.
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