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Forever Black Bumper & Trim Gel

Forever Black Bumper & Trim Gel
Forever Black Bumper & Trim Gel
Forever Black Bumper & Trim Renew is simple to apply and has remarkable durability. Forever Black has returned faded bumpers and trim to their original black sheen for many years. It also contains a UV retardant, which will protect the trim from future sun damage.

Forever Black is not a dressing and doesn't wash off. Unlike temporary silicone dressings, it permanently dyes textured and smooth vinyl and rubber trim. It does not leave the surface slick or greasy and does not attract dust. This makes it perfect for floor mats. In fact, it is the only coating we recommend for rubber mats.

Don't worry about surrounding surfaces. Masking is not required. Forever Black will only adhere to porous vinyl and rubber.

Bumper & Trim Gel Features:

  • Re-dyes smooth & textured vinyl trim, plastic moldings, tires, rubber weather stripping, belts, hoses, running boards.
  • Contains a permanent dye that lasts for years
  • Will not stain glass, metal or painted surfaces.
  • Body shop safe. Contains no silicone.
  • Vinyl dressings may be applied over the Trim Reconditioner.

    Application Tips:

  • If surfaces have residue from previously applied dressings, pre-clean with our "Trim Cleaner" to remove all traces of silicone.
  • Two applications may be applied to gray or extremely faded rubber and trim. Allow to dry and buff with a clean terry towel between applications.
  • Forever Black will stain clothing and upholstery. Simply wipe-off other surfaces before it dries. If you miss a spot, you can easily polish it off.

  • Forever Black Trim Gel

    Forever Black Trim Gel

    Our Price: $9.95