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Car Litter Bags

Car Litter Bags
Car Litter BagsCar Litter Bags
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Product Description
Car Litter Bag: Our Sunshine Kids Bag-It Trash Bags give you a place to store all of your garbage while your travel, camp, picnic or attend a sports event. Twelve large bags are housed in each of the amazingly small 3" x 1.5" dispensers. The dispenser then hangs from your jacket, purse, baby stroller or back pack with its rubber cord!

No more smells, littering, or messy vehicle interiors. Dispose of trash, foods, or dirty diapers in a flash. Just tie it up and dispose when you come across a trash bin.

Bag-It Trash Bags are pure clean up convenience! You'll always be prepared for messy emergencies with these large 17", lightly scented bags. Simply pull a bag from the tiny dispenser, anytime... anywhere.

Trash Bag Features:

  • 3 dispensers
  • 12 bags in each dispenser
  • Extra large 17" size
  • Strong and durable
  • Lightly scented to mask odors
  • No refills required
  • Attaches by rubber cord