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Black Paste Wax

Black Paste Wax

Not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask: "Where can I find a black wax?" Now we have the answer and it's not just any wax, it's an exceptional Carnauba paste at a very affordable price!

Hi-Temp's Black Paste Wax applies with the ease and predictability of our best Carnauba waxes. Carnauba's ability to deepen dark colors is legendary. A black wax with this property is also capable of hiding light scratches.

Black Wax will deepen the color of any dark gray or black vehicle. It also lays down a slick, protective coat of wax containing UV retardents and gloss enhancers.

We really like the additional shine and depth created by applying the black carnauba over Hi-Temp's "Midnight Express" one-step cleaner/sealant. Midnight Express removes the surface imperfections and adds a durable coat of liquid polymer wax. This liquid formula provides a great foundation for the paste.

Black Wax Application:

  • Apply the wax by hand with its foam applicator. It only takes a small amount to cover a large area.
  • Do not wait for the wax to dry. When it just begins to haze, lightly wipe with any cotton terry or baby diaper material.
  • There is no need for strenuous rubbing or buffing. A light application and removal is all it takes. You can wax an entire car in less than 30 minutes with no streaking or white residue.
  • The formula contains no abrasives and will maintain a beautiful deep shine for about 2 months.
  • We don't recommend using this wax on non-clearcoated, vehicles with heavy oxidization. Remove the oxidation before applying the wax.

    Black Paste Wax

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