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Carpet Floor Steamers

Carpet Floor Steamers
Carpet Floor Steamers
Carpet Vapor Steamers are small, portable, quiet and powerful. Vapor cleaning machines have a range of applications unmatched by any other contemporary cleaning appliance. It takes less effort and less time to clean, disinfect, deodorize & sanitize most every surface in your home or business USING ONLY TAP WATER - NO CHEMICALS!

Our professional vapor steam cleaners are a revolution in motor vehicle, janitorial and house hold cleaning. Carpet steamers, as they are sometimes called, use the simple process of "steam under pressure" to power clean and deodorize everything they touch. Because the resulting steam has only 5% moisture, it is safe for any surface. The hot vapor steam travels through an insulated hose to any of several specialized brushes and nozzles.

A tremendous plus is the portable steam cleaner's ability to kill odor-causing bacteria. Vapor systems are a unique cleaning method that use high temperature (240 - 298 degrees) water vapor and pressure to clean and sanitize virtually any surface. You can eliminate urine, food, mold and mildew from any surface or crevice. Dirt just melts away!

Dry steam vapor dislodges the most persistent stains and dirt by using superheated steam. Hard to clean areas such as cracks, crevices, deep cavities, and air ducts are easily cleaned with minimal effort. Previously inaccessible places are now easily cleaned and sanitized in the process. Surfaces are dry within minutes. It easily penetrates air vents, crevices in engine compartments, under seats, door jams and headliners. There is no better method for completely removing tobacco smoke film and eliminating bacteria driven odors.

People with compromised immune systems can create a more sanitary indoor environment for themselves. Your continued good health depends on decreasing your exposure to many common bacteria and viruses. Dry steam vapor cleaning helps you sanitize your home and protect your health.

People with physical challenges or disabilities can also greatly benefit from a vapor system. Many tasks which were once impossible for you to perform for yourself can now be done from a sitting or standing position. Tasks which required climbing, crouching and bending are much easier to accomplish. Since the heat and pressure do the work for you, many jobs which were previously just too hard on your hands can now be performed with ease! Vapor systems are small, portable, quiet, powerful and a complete system. Vapor cleaning machines have a range of applications unmatched by any other contemporary cleaning appliance.

Steamer Features:

  • Cuts cleaning time and chemical cost in half (uses no chemicals)
  • Leaves no residue
  • Cleans every surface: leather, vinyl, rubber, fabrics, hardwood, tile, carpet, walls, kitchens & baths
  • Dissolves grease, tobacco film, stains, odors & chewing gum
  • Destroys allergens: dust mites, mold & mildew
  • Kills bacteria
  • Cleans mirrors and windows without streaking
  • Removes plastic window tint film & wallpaper
  • As easy to use as a vacuum cleaner
  • Three of our units are "continuous-fill" with no limit on usage time!

    Choose a professional vapor steamer designed for years of hard use. These "Super Steam Cleaners" are unmatched for cleaning the interiors of aircraft, boats, fleet trucks, motorcycles, campers and mobile homes. They also tackle tough surfaces, such as metal, wood and concrete. You can even use them to clean and disinfect your shop's rest room!

    Automotive Cleaning:

    Vapor Systems are Perfect for use in the Automotive Industry.

    Our vapor systems will allow you to detail cars in half the time with visibly superior results. Not only will your time spent detailing cars be cut in half, but your expenditures for chemical cleaners will be greatly reduced. Dry steam vapor cleaning leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as the cleaning is done. Upholstery and floor mats are dry within minutes.

    Not only is cleaning faster, but the car is deodorized as well. Nothing can clean leather faster and better than a steamer. Nothing can clean glass faster and better than a steamer. In fact, nothing can clean and disinfect faster and better than a Steam Cleaning Machine! NOTHING!


  • Deep clean and freshen fabrics
  • Blast stains from carpet
  • Remove oily residue from vinyl & leather
  • Drive dirt from the deepest crevices
  • Freshen air vents & duct work
  • Remove window tint film
  • Dissolve lipstick, food spills & deep stains.
  • Remove odors from pets, stains, smoke residue, mold & mildew
  • Dissolve film from dashboards, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, armrests, seatbelts, door jams, etc.
  • Clean glass with no streaks or smears


  • Remove decals
  • Clean windows without streaking
  • Spot clean engine compartments
  • Remove tar and bug residue
  • Dissolve brake dust

    Do not be fooled by cheap, under-powered steam cleaners sold through mass marketing or discount stores. These units only hold a pint of water, or less, which makes them virtually useless. It can take 5-10 minutes for the boiler to heat the water, and can take 10 minutes of cooling time to be able to remove the cap for a refill). Two of our steamers allow unlimited usage. They are new, "continuous-fill" models.

  • LadyBug Steamer #2150

    LadyBug Steamer #2150

    Our Price: $1,150.00
    LadyBug Steamer XL #2300

    LadyBug Steamer XL #2300

    Our Price: $1,706.00