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DurrMaid Carpet Extractor

DurrMaid Carpet Extractor
DurrMaid Carpet ExtractorDurrMaid Carpet ExtractorDurrMaid Carpet Extractor
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Product Description
DurrMaid Carpet Extractor Made in America, the DurrMaid 1500 Extractor is Top of the Line when it comes to small extractors. It has many features and safeguards.

DurrMaid, Inc. was established in 1998 and introduced a new line of floor care products that were smaller, lighter and more efficient than anything available in the industry. Their first innovative extractor was nearly 100 pounds lighter than the competition while maintaining the same cleaning ability. DurrMaid also designed the first "heated" Mini Extractor.

DurrMaid's 1500 is compact, reliable and only weighs 21 lbs! It is one of the rare, heated mini extractors that also offers a floor wand and crevice tool attachment.

Use in the home, the office, on boats and RV's. The 1500 glides effortlessly on high impact swivel casters you'd like to have on your household vacuum.

Soil not picked up by a vacuum cleaner is bonded to the carpet by oil or grease. High temperature cleaning is the only method of breaking down that oil/dirt cohesion. Our Mini Hot Extractor gives you this edge in your cleaning, and the low cost makes it affordable for home use.

Upgrades & Features:

Lexan Detail Tool:

DurrMaid's unique Carpet & Upholstery Tool "Auto Detail Tool" has all the safeguards. Its Lexan, see-through tips (there are two) allow totally clear viewing of vacuumed debris and moisture content.

The tips have stainless steel glides on the intake area to protect the edges and to insure friction free gliding. Their low profile design reaches under car pedals with ease.

The Detail Tool also has a plug to prevent debris from entering the solution hose during vacuuming. They thought of everything!

  • "Pop-Out" spray tip for carpet and upholstery applications.
  • Stainless Steel Glides eliminate friction and prevent high temperature warping.
  • Vacuum Release Button reduces air flow suction. This is a necessity for headliners and other soft material.
  • Clear Lexan material provides clear viewing of extracted water and dirt.
  • Shorter 10" Length reaches under pedals and maneuvers smoothly in tighter areas.
  • Tool Width: 3 inches

    Filtration Bag:

    The addition of an Internal Filtration Bag in the recovery tank picks up debris and hair that would otherwise contaminate the tank and waste water. The bag can hold up to 5 pounds of debris. The DurrMaid Internal Filter allows you to start your extraction process immediately if you are in a rush! The bag is released with one turn of the lid and debris is dumped by opening the bottom of the bag.

    Control Panel:

    The DurrMaid 1500 has located its Control Panel at eye level above the fill access. Indicator lights indicate when water level is reached and the heat comes on. A heat light indicates when the automatic thermostat is reheating the water.

    The DurrMaid heats water within 3 degrees, throughout the solution tank! It heats in about 15 minutes, and the tank holds enough solution to clean 144 square feet, which is about two average automobiles.

    The DurrMaid has both vacuum and flow output regulators to restrict pressure. This is a very desirable feature and not found on most extractors. While a heavy duty extension cord is a must for any power tool, this unit has a built-in safeguard (developed by Eaton) which trips the circuit breaker if someone accidentally uses a light, household cord. It can be immediately reset if this happens.

    DurrMaid 1500 Features:

  • Heater: 1500 Watts
  • Temperature: 200 Degrees
  • Piston Pump Output: 60 psi
  • Solution Tank: 2.1 Gallons
  • Recovery Tank: 2.4 Gallons
  • See Through, Lexan Carpet/Upholstery Tool (Auto Detail Tool)
  • Spray Tip & Vacuum Slide Reducer
  • Vacuum Hose: Commercial Grade, 12 ft. x 1 1/4"
  • Solution Hose: 12 ft. x 3/16"
  • Power Cord: 15 ft.
  • Temperature Detection: Lighted Indicator
  • Temperature Regulation: Automatic Thermostat
  • Power Requirements: 14 amps
  • Weight of Extractor: 21 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17" x 18" x 13"
  • Casters: (3) 2" Swivel
  • Limited Warranty: 10 years: Rotational Molded Parts, 5 years: Heating Element, 90 days: Pump, 90 days: Vacuum Motor

    Optional Floor Wand and Crevice Tool available.

    We strongly recommend using a Shampoo Defoamer with all Carpet extractors to insure life of mechanical parts. We also recommend running a water/vinegar solution through the extractor after every week of heavy usage.

    NOTE: We have chosen to discontinue the Durrmaid 1600 Extractor due to recent changes in the unit. We could not determine a difference in the two machines and we do not recommend using an extractor as a vacuum.
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