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Cigarette Smoke Remover

Cigarette Smoke Remover

Cigarette Smoke Remover: Don't cover up smoke odor for a day or two, ELIMINATE it!

"Non-Smoke" Is an industrial strength formula that changes the molecular structure of offensive odors and neutralizes them. The unique formula seeks out tobacco smoke odors and other malodors and destroys them. It contains four times the active ingredients found in most air fresheners.

Ideal For: Hotel Rooms, Restaurants, Conference Rooms, Offices, Lavatories, Bars, Cars or anywhere smoke odors occur. Ultra dry formula is non-staining and safe for fabrics and carpet when used as directed.


Lightly spray surfaces. Do not spray directly on wood or household paint. Allow area to remain unoccupied for at least an hour. The fragrance fades in a few hours, leaving the area smelling fresh and clean.

(Aerosols cannot ship by air)

Cigarette Smoke Remover

Item:#RI-NSUO-12 (12 oz)

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