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Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)

Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)
Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)
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Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)

Cyclo Double Sided Pads (each)


Our Price: $9.95



Double Pad Adapter (each)

Double Pad Adapter (each)


Our Price: $18.95


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Product Description
Cyclo Toolmakers has Upgraded their Foam Pad Polishing System!

A revolutionary new pad design and easy-lock adapter has replaced the awkward, rubber head/boot system. New, double sided foam pads lock instantly on and off of small adapters through a central hub. The best of both worlds, the pads are ridiculously easy to change, and they're always centered!!

Cyclo's DoublePrecision™ Pads have completely transformed the pad/polisher set-up. They have taken two foam pads and connected them with a plate and hexagonal hub. This plate attaches to the matching adapters on the machine and perfectly centers pads. The "double pad combo" is also a welcome upgrade. When you need to change pads, just unsnap the pads from the adapters and flip them over for a fresh new set!

Not only does this system enabling the double pad combination to snap-on and off the machine in an instant, it provides unequaled balance, and forever eliminates the possibility of the pads rubbing. Operator fatigue is also reduced, and the energy transmitted to the pads is increased to the maximum. The Cyclo's overlapping heads with the new DoublePrecision pads create a polishing "perfection" unavailable on any other orbital polisher.

Use of the DoublePrecision™ system requires the one-time purchase of two DoublePrecision™ quick connect adapters. These are installed on the machine in place of the 4" diameter head assemblies, standard on all machines.

Double Precision Pad Usage:

  • Metal Adapters replace rubber heads and Velcro boots.
  • Line up the new pads with the adapter and press down until you hear them lock into place.
  • Two pads are bonded together, so you get the use of both sides before you have to clean.
  • Removing pads is instantaneous. Press the spring loaded release button, and pull off the pad.
  • Flip pads over and lock into place.

    Unlike other orbitals, this system produces NO VIBRATIONS! Velvety smooth and efficient. Cyclo's new line of DoublePrecision Pads offer a convenience, performance and comfort you've never experienced before.

    Added Note: These revolutionary pads and quick-connect adapters can also be used on the Porter Cable polisher for spot buffing jobs.

    (Don't forget: the Cyclo requires 2 pads of each color!)

    Color Application Guide:

    White: Use with liquid and paste waxes. Our softest and finest-pore foam pad.

    Green: Out of Stock

    Yellow: Use with 1500 grit levelers. High performance pre-polymer foam, similar to orange Heavy cut Pad, but with lower compressive load deflection. Will not blush nano-ceramic paints.

    Orange: Use with 1500 to 1000 grit levelers. Multifunctional, high density pad. Preferred among professionals because of its durability and speed. Not recommended for use on soft, ceramic clears.

    Do not allow products to dry in the pads. Drop them in the bucket with Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner as soon as you are finished using them. This allows pads to soak before they are washed. Rinse and air dry. Do not wring or twist the pads.

    The strong formula quickly dissolves chemical build-up in wool and foam polisher pads. Even though it's powerful, the solution is specially designed to keep pad pile clean, soft, and supple. The citrus, water-soluble solution is biodegradable and packaged in convenient packets.
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