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4" Wool Buffing Pads

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Product Description
Cyclo has entered a new level in oxidation removal. They've introduced two new levels of 4" wool pads that perform just like standard size wool compounding and polishing pads. The wool pads have a velcro back that attaches to any orbital polisher, rotary polisher or hand drill with the appropriate velcro plate.

The Cyclo 4" Yellow Wool Cutting Pad is a 50/50 wool/acrylic blend fiber for medium level oxidation removal.

The Cyclo 4" Blue Wool Polishing Pad is a 50/70 wool/acrylic blend fiber for follow-up polishing after the Yellow.

The Cyclo 4" White Wool Original Cutting Pad is a wool/polyester blend which is a little more cutting than the yellow wool.

Oxidized Aluminum:

  • Start with the Yellow Wool Cutting Pads and our Rolite Pre-Polish.
  • Transition to the Blue Wool Polishing Pads and our Rolite Metal Polish.
  • Bring to a high gloss with the Terry Bonnets and our Rolite AP 300.
  • Add optional protection with the Cyclo Foam Finishing Pads and your favorite sealant or paste wax.
  • Perfection!

    Oxidized Paint:

  • Start with the Yellow Wool Cutting Pad and your favorite heavy cut formula.
  • Follow with the Blue Wool Polishing Pad and your favorite medium cut polish.
  • Add protection with the Cyclo Foam Finishing Pads and your favorite sealant or paste wax.
  • Perfection!

    Wool Pad Cleaning:

    Do not allow products to dry in the pads. Drop them in the bucket with Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner as soon as you are finished using them. This allows pads to soak before they are washed. Rinse and air dry. Do not wring or twist the pads.

    The Cyclo Polisher requires two wool pads. The white pads are made from a less expensive, "foamed wool".
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