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7" Flitz Buffing Ball

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Item #: TL-FWB201

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Product Description
The Flitz Buff'n Wax Ball, 7" in diameter and much thicker than the smaller, 6" Flitz Ball. It is perfect for use on flat surfaces, large commercial truck wheels and gas tanks, RV's, boats, aircraft and stock trailers.

Safely and Easily Buffs out: Brake Dust, Scuff Marks, Light Scratches, Oxidation, Chalking, Tarnish, Pitting and Corrosion.

Application Instructions:

Secure to any standard 3/8" drill using only forward or right rotation. Check Tightness of center Phillips Screw and felt covering before each use.

For best results, apply a thin coat of polish, wax or cleaner to entire area. Buff lightly using high speed (up to 2000 rpms) to achieve highest luster. Repeat if necessary.

For extended life of fabric, do not stay on one area more than 30 seconds or polish around sharp edges. For heavy corrosion or pitting, apply metal polish with #0000 steel wool and use the polishing ball to buff to a high luster. To avoid damage to paint or plastic, do not allow ball to run more than 5 seconds on the same area.

Wash the Flitz Polishing Ball by hand or machine. If very dirty, pre-soak in a solution of detergent & water. Rinse and let air dry. DO NOT put in electric dryer. Wash ball often for best results.
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