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Garage Mats

Garage Mats

Garage Mats

The Park Smart "Clean Park" garage mat catches every drop of mud, slush and grime that falls off of your vehicle. It catches dripping oil and other fluids which can permanently stain concrete. Do you want oil staining your concrete or, dripping on one of these easy to clean mats?

The Park Smart mat can retain a large amount of liquid, should there be a spill. The heavy-duty, 20-mil vinyl is capable of holding gallons of liquid, and interlocking, snap-on edges keep it from spreading onto the garage floor. This is especially desirable during the rainy season or dead of winter. Mud and slush can collect on the undercarriage and in huge amounts in the wheel wells. Would you rather this dump on your garage floor, or on one of these easy to clean mats?

The durable garage mat is easy to install (no tools required) with interlocking snap-on edges. All sizes come with 24" side pieces and 18" end pieces. Larger pads include more edge pieces. After the mat is in place, you will add the pieces along the edge until they completely frame the mat and are locked together.

The Park Smart mats are available in several sizes. Choose a size that measures at least 8"-12" larger than your vehicle's wheel base. Since auto wheel bases vary little, an average size mat can accommodate many different vehicles. Don't forget to also measure the garage space!

Park Smart Garage Mat Features:

  • Keeps garage or carport neat and clean
  • Prevents oil and other fluid stains
  • Contains spills, mud and slush
  • Easy to clean with a hose, broom, or squeegee
  • Easy to install, no tools required
  • Durable with one year warranty

  • Garage Mats

    Item NameOptionsDescriptionQtyPriceLimited Offer
    Garage Mats
    SP-PS60714 (7.5'x14'

    Garage Mat 7.5' x 16'
    Garage Mat 7.5' x 18'
    Garage Mat 7.5' x 20'
    Garage Mat 9' x 20'
    Garage Mat 9' x 22'
    Motorcycle Mat 4.5' x 9'

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