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Car Wash System

Car Wash System
Car Wash SystemCar Wash SystemCar Wash SystemCar Wash System
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Car Wash System

Car Wash System


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Grit Guard Insert


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Product Description
The Grit Guard Wash System incorporates not just a wash bucket with a safety grid, but also a sturdy rolling seat with a cushion! (We are one of the few sites offering the seat cushion with our system.)

A large percentage of scratches and swirls are caused from improper car washing. Dirt and grit become trapped in wash mitts, sponges, and brushes. Grit Guard™ protects surfaces from being scratched during the wash. It's unique grid pattern is designed to release these contaminants.

Rubbing your brush or mitt across the Grit Guard™ insert dislodges trapped contaminants, allowing them to fall through the grid, into the bottom of the container. Since your mitt or brush doesn't touch the bottom of the bucket, the trapped debris will never re-contaminate them. Without the addition of Grit Guard™ to your washing regime, there is no way to separate the dirt and grit from your clean wash water.

You can also use the large, 5 gallon Grit Guard Bucket as a comfortable stool while you polish, wash wheels, remove tar, work on trim and grills or scrub rocker panels. The Grit Guard's five caster, bucket dolly will support 300 pounds! The casters positioning really stabilize the system, and two of them lock to maintain position on inclines.

The Grit Guard 5 Gallon Bucket is made of 90 mil plastic, which is heavier than those available at your local outlet. It also has the patented, Gamma SealŽ Lid with O-Ring seals. This makes the container airtight and leak proof.

The 5 gallon bucket is large enough to store your products and wide enough for wash mops, and most long-handled car wash brushes. The bucket has a bail handle, but it also has a lip under the Gamma Seal Lid for grasping. This makes it easy to lift the bucket onto a shelf.

Grit Guard Wash System Includes:

  • Grit GuardŽ 5 Gallon Bucket, 90 mil, heavy duty reinforced
  • Gamma SealŽ Bucket Lid, with leak proof, air tight o-ring seal
  • Grit GuardŽ Seat Cushion, vinyl-dipped with handle (see photo on left)
  • Grit GuardŽ Insert
  • Grit GuardŽ Bucket Dolly, with 5 casters

    Click on links below to view individual components of the Grit Guard Wash System, and to order the Insert by itself.

    The patented Grit GuardŽ Insert provides a radial surface to rub your mitt or brush across, separating the grit, from your tool. The radial surface extracts particles that are trapped in mitts and brushes. The debris is released and falls through the insert to the bottom of the bucket away from your mitt, sponge or brush.

    Insert Specifications:

  • Place the Grit Guard Insert in the bottom of any 12" diameter bucket/pail.
  • Rub your mitt, brush or sponge across the Grit Guard Insert while washing your vehicle.
  • Radial surface design extracts particles and contaminants from shampoo tools.
  • Gravity causes dirt to settle to the bottom of the container.
  • Wash water stays clean - Scratch-Free Clean.
  • Four Quadrants on the base of the Grit Guard Insert calm the wash water.
  • Designed to save every car enthusiast time and money.
  • No more long hours spent removing scratches from dirty shampoo tools.
  • The Grit Guard Insert may also be used for: Small Parts Cleaning, Wet Sanding, Oil Filter Draining...And Much More!
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