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Leather Repair Tips

Leather Repair Tips
For Professionals

  1. Make sure you have all of your supplies before you leave for a job. Make sure every item is kept in stock. A checklist will insure nothing is left behind, and will also keep track of your stock. Reordering stock is just as important as keeping track of your on-site supplies.

  2. Learn to manage multiple jobs at the same site. When you arrive, inventory your repairs by difficulty. Begin with the most time consuming, and move to an easier repair while the others are curing, drying, etc. Wasted time costs you money.

  3. Cold weather repairs are notoriously problematic. Your best friend is the heating system of the vehicle. Give it enough time to warm the interior before you begin.

  4. Applying your spray coatings is an art. Proper protective taping is key. Don't skimp, thinking you can avoid overspray. Apply your coating in two thin layers, not a single heavy coat. Be sure the first layer is dry before you apply the second.

  5. Time is money, but quality, consist ant repairs will gain repeat customers. Repeat customers and "word of mouth" are you #1 advertising tool. Make sure your repairs are neat, well done and permanent. The secret is not complex. It's simply taking the time to do it right!