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Leather Master Soft Cleaner

Leather Master Soft Cleaner
Leather Master Soft CleanerLeather Master Soft Cleaner
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Leather Master Soft Cleaner

Leather Master Soft Cleaner


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Leather Master Soft Cleaner


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Product Description
Leather Master's Soft Cleaner is a mild, water-based cleaner that will not affect the Leatherís original properties or finish. It is designed to remove most soiling as well as water-based stains.

Most cleaners contain solvents like alcohol or mineral spirits. These types of cleaners will definitely clean, but also will attack either the finish or dry the leather out.

Leather Soft Cleaner is solvent free and works without removing the finish or harming the Leather. The only way Leather Soft Cleaner could remove color is under the following circumstance.

  • If the Leather is not colorfast to any type of liquid. You can test this by wetting a soft, white cloth with distilled or purified water and wiping the Leather. If color comes off on the cloth from only purified water, the Leather Soft Cleaner or anything else will also remove color.

    For Leather Types:

  • A-Aniline/Non-Coated
  • P-Protected/Coated

    Application Instructions:

  • Shake bottle well before using.

  • Pour Leather Soft Cleaner onto a small sponge and squeeze to produce a white foam. The foam aerates the cleaner to prevent over wetting the leather and it produces a "lifting" effect.

  • Work the foam well into the surface where the soil is heavier. The sponge has a drawing effect to pull out the stain, and acts as a cushion to protect the leather while rubbing.

  • Wipe excess foam and soil with a soft cotton cloth.

  • Make sure the leather is dry before applying Protection Creams. This can be done with a hair dryer in cold weather.

  • For heavy soil or dye transfer from blue jeans, you will need the more concentrated, "Leather Strong Cleaner".

    Leather Soft Cleaner may also be used weekly. Lightly wet a soft cotton cloth or diaper and wipe the surface. This removes dust and body oil accumulation.

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