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Fast Cut Leveler

Fast Cut Leveler
Fast Cut Leveler
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Fast Cut Leveler

Fast Cut Leveler

HT-300QT (32oz

Our Price: $15.95

Fast Cut Leveler

HT-300G (1 gal

Our Price: $43.95

Fast Cut Leveler

HT-300G-2 (2 gal

Our Price: $82.95
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Product Description
Light Scratch Remover Hi-Temp's Fast Cut is slightly more powerful than our top selling "HT-61 Smooth Cut". Smooth Cut removes 2,000 grit sandpaper scratches and the Fast Cut is capable of removing 1,500 grit scratches. This offers a slightly more aggressive approach, but still may be applied by hand. It is a medium cut leveler.

Fast Cut remains creamy throughout the application process. No dusting, no swirling, no clumping! As with all HI-Temp paint levelers, the Fast Cut uses a micro-bead, chemical abrasive for virtually swirl free application. This allows the user to move directly to the final step of wax application. In comparison, compounds use a mechanical abrasive which leaves scratches, and requires an additional step to remove that damage.

The Fast Cut can be applied with an orbital, a high-speed rotary polisher, or by hand. It goes on and off with little effort. It is not sticky and it doesn't leave dusty residue. Hi-Temp adds just enough oils to make their products trouble free.

Apply a small dab in center of polisher pad. Without turning on the polisher, move the pad over the paint. This will spread the product over the paint and the pad at the same time. Turn on the polisher at a slow to medium speed and work the product across the surface until it's gone. Wipe with a dry terry towel and apply the wax.

90% of polishing problems are caused by using too much product. Use just enough to lubricate the pad!
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