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2" Polishing Pad Kit

2" Polishing Pad Kit

2" Polishing Pads & Disks can be Indispensable!

A great new addition to our Micro Polishing Pads is the remarkable, Mini-Micro Polishing Pad Kit. A tiny, 2 inch set of drill-ready polishing pads to squeeze into the tightest of crevices.

Polish aluminum, chrome, and painted wheels with confidence. Polish every area of a motorcycle, or any small motorized vehicle. You can even use the tiny pads to polish brass and copper around the home.

2" Pad Kit Contains:

  • 2" Velcro Pad Holder (1/4" dia. shaft)
  • 2" Twisted Wool Pad
  • 2" Mohair Pad
  • 2" Convoluted Felt Pad

    All of these pads fit neatly on their 2" Velcro Back plate which in turn, fits in any standard hand drill. A variable speed drill should be used for control, especially on painted areas.

    The 2" accessories are not sold separately.

    2" Polishing Pad Kit


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