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Microfiber Hand Pad Replacments

Microfiber Hand Pad Replacments
Microfiber Hand Pad ReplacmentsMicrofiber Hand Pad Replacments
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Product Description

A Microfiber Pad for your hand! Don't have a polisher? The Micro Hairs technology is the first of its kind. Microfiber "hair" is designed for serious polishing and efficient shampooing. The hand-held pads incorporate the same thousands of tufted, microfiber hairs as the 6.5" polisher pads.

  • The Hand-Held Buffing Pad is designed to resemble the human hand, rounded at the finger tip end and square at the wrist end. The hand-shape of the pad is an important design element that allows the pad to precisely follow hand movement for maximum cleaning and maneuverability without strain.

    The vertical fibers are mounted on a 7 1/4" x 7 3/4" flexible foam base. They can be used for a wide variety of jobs. Shampooing, paint oxidation removal, metal polishing, glass cleaning, leather and vinyl cleaning, velour and headliner shampooing, tire dressings, vinyl dressings, leather conditioners, or even scrubbing tile!

    The Microfiber Buffing Pad quickly covers the surface, and its low liquid absorption makes clean-up a breeze. The pads are so versatile, they soon become indispensable.

  • Just like ScotchBrite, our Deep Scrubbing Pad really digs-in and removes scum, road tar, and algae without scratching. It's aggressive, but safe. Use on all metals, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, tile or glass.

    The Scrubbing Pad is tough enough for vinyl side panels, truck bed liners, or diamond plate running boards and tool boxes. They really deep clean boat hulls and RVs that suffer from severe, hard-as-nails contamination.

    Use it with our aluminum polishes, degreasers, bug removers, tar remover, adhesive remover, glass polish, and vinyl cleaners. The thin pad profile is easy to maneuver into narrow spaces. It even floats in water for easy retrieval.
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