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Molding Renewer

Molding Renewer

FINALLY, an extremely durable dressing that shines faded black, rubber bumpers, molding and vinyl trim. Molding Renewer really works. It stays on in rain and doesn't fade in the sun. It lasts longer than any other trim, as it contains black dye. Simply wipe on, and you're done.

This is not a typical dressing. Molding Renewer contains a black dye, which sets it above competing products. Many of our car enthusiasts use this product in place of the more popular trim coatings and say it works better, at a fraction of the price. Pros use it with great success, and save a great deal of money at the same time.

With high praise from both ends of the detailing market, Molding Renewer is indeed, a product that fills a wide range of consumer need.

Molding Renewer

Item NameItemDescriptionQtyPriceLimited Offer
Molding Renewer HT-36QT (32oz FINALLY, an $19.95
Molding Renewer HT-36G (1 gal Better Buy! $69.95
Molding Renewer HT-36G-2 (2 gal Best Buy! $119.95

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