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Design a Business Flier

Design a Business Flier
For more than 17 years we have listened to professional detailers agonize over pricing their services. The question was always, "How do I offer reasonable pricing and insure that I get paid for my time and products?"

The answer is simple.. "Let the customer choose!" If you turn the choice over to your customers, they will only select what they want, and you will get paid for every job you perform.

The secret to making this formula work is.. "Options." Offer a large number of services with each listed and priced separately. The customer will always know the final cost because they have chosen from this list of pre-priced services. You will know exactly what to do, and will get paid for each service! Everyone is pleased, and you never have to hear the words.. "How Much?"

  • Print out our "sample" flier to use as a template.
  • Design one of your own with your pricing and optional services.
  • Continue to expand your business with "Add-On Services".