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Odor Fogger Aerosol

Odor Fogger Aerosol
Odor Fogger Aerosol
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Product Description
Our Odor Fogger reaches tiny crevices and pockets that are missed by regular aerosols. The 360 degree wide dispersion valve sprays in any position... under car seats, under furniture and many other hard to reach places. You can decontaminate an entire vehicle interior in just a few seconds.

The Odor Fogger can be used to spray directly on a surface or as an environmental bomb. The special formula seeks out and destroys odors on contact. This is especially well suited for treating car interiors, hotel rooms, offices and homes.

The Fogger can even be used to treat ventilation systems, like a bomb aerosol. Turn the system on recirculate, and spray under the dash near the air intakes. It will immediately pass through the vents.

Directions for Decontamination:

  • Hold can 12" to 24" from the surface to be treated.
  • Lightly fog fabrics, carpet, head liners and under seats.
  • Treat truck area.
  • If used as a bomb for tobacco odors, spray all of the interior air, surfaces and through the ventilation system.
  • If chemical residue gets on plastic, paint or wood, wipe with soapy water or appropriate surface cleaner.

    We have chosen light, fragrances which anyone will find pleasing. Scent should dissipate within 2-3 days.

    Aerosols cannot ship by air.
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