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P21S Wheel Cleaner

P21S Wheel Cleaner
P21S Wheel CleanerP21S Wheel CleanerP21S Wheel Cleaner
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P21S Wheel Cleaner

P21S Wheel Cleaner

P21-10500B (16.9oz

Our Price: $15.95

P21S Wheel Cleaner

P21-10001R (33.8oz

Our Price: $19.95
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Product Description
P21S Wheel Cleaner "Regular" formula is for normally soiled wheels that are cleaned on a regular basis. Unlike some wheel cleaning formulas, P21S is 100% safe for any type of wheel coating.

P21S Wheel Cleaner will remove brake dust before it pits and etches the surface. Just spray-on, agitate with a soft wheel brush or sponge, and hose-off.

One key advantage of P21S Wheel Cleaners is that you don't have to know about wheel finishes to find your way to the right formula. Many customers have been tricked by purchasing a cleaner uncoated cast wheels only to find out that it destroyed a sensitive coating that they never knew was there in the first place!

The 16.9 oz. bottle comes in a "boxed kit" with a trigger and an applicator sponge. The 33.8 oz. bottle does not have a sprayer. We suggest our Big Blaster trigger for this container.
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