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Garage Parking Sensor

Garage Parking Sensor
Garage Parking SensorGarage Parking SensorGarage Parking SensorGarage Parking SensorGarage Parking Sensor
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Product Description
Ultrasonic Garage Parking Sensor It's called Park-Zone, and it looks and acts like a space age traffic light. You've never seen anything like this before.

Think of it as a guidance-system for parking your car. It hangs on your garage wall and stops you precisely in place.. at a safe, calculated distance from the wall.. every time. This advanced detection system is quite simply, light years ahead in sensory technology.

Just hang it on your garage or carport wall, determine your park zone by setting the distance from the wall to your bumper using the ultrasonic sensor. Park Zone will guide your car into the same sweet spot with precision every time. We highly recommend using the AC adapter (included). You may also use 4 AA batteries, but battery life may be limited. (Unit requires at least 24" of clearance from your vehicle to work properly).

When you pull into the garage, you see the green light illuminate, then midway it changes to yellow, and when the light turns red you're right where you want to be.

In our book, this beats a tennis ball hanging on a string because it's a lot easier to set up, it's much more precise and unlike the tennis ball, it looks good in a garage. Anyone who parks in a small or crowded garage will appreciate the accuracy this gadget offers. Stop bumping the back wall and get into the Park-Zone.

Parking Sensor Features:

  • Superior, ultrasonic technology
  • Wide range sensing (2 ft. to 16 ft.)
  • Platinum Edition: AC or battery power
  • Simple to install and use
  • 12 month warranty

    Don't Have a Place to Hang the Parking Sensor?

    Mr. Tony Catalino (one of our Park Zone owners) has kindly submitted his inventive solution to that problem. His photos and detailed description illustrate the steps for making a Parking Sensor stand. Now it can be placed on the floor, a table or a shelf.

    Park Zone PVC Portable Stand:

    All pieces are slip fitted, not threaded. (Use a slip fit only. Do not glue the PVC if you want it unassembled.)


  • (1) 8 ft. x 3/4" schedule 40 PVC sprinkler pipe
  • (5) 3/4" PVC pipe end caps
  • (3) 3/4" PVC T-Fittings

    1. Cut a 60" length of PVC for the stands vertical post. (If the stand is for a table, you may adjust the length of the pipe.)

    2. Gently tap one of the End Caps onto that section with a hammer. This will be the top of the stand.

    3. Tap one T-Fitting to the bottom of that 60" section.

    4. Cut (4) 6" pieces from the remainder of the PVC. These will become the feet of the base, as shown.

    5. Tap 6" pieces into the remanding T-Fittings, and cap the ends. This creates the feet.

    6. Cut (2) 3" pieces from the remainder of the PVC. Insert these 3" pieces into the T-Fittings of the feet. This is the cross member that connects the feet to the T-Fitting of the vertical section.

    7. After all pieces are assembled, measure 3" down from the top of the vertical section's cap, mark this point for the first mounting screw for the display section of the Park-Zone.

    8. The sensor unit should be centered vertically and horizontally on the grill of your vehicle.
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