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Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover

Only the Pet Hair Remover Magnet scoops-up ALL hair from couches, chairs, car seats, flat carpet, and drapes with a single swipe.. just like a glass squeegee. Unless you have a live-in "groomer", dog and cat hair was almost impossible to remove without hours of work and a useless roll of sticky tape.

As in the photo, all it takes is a single stroke to pull every single hair into a roll behind the blade. When done, simply pick up the roll of hair and toss it.

It's unbelievable how simple and idiot proof this job can become. The Pet Hair Magnet is truly amazing. No other tool comes close. The Pet Hair Magnet is a perfect companion to our Pet Hair Eliminator for longer pile carpet. (photo: All Pets Considered)

Pet Hair Remover


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