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Plastic Razor Blades

Plastic Razor Blades

Plastic Razor Blades

Sharp Edged , Plastic Razor Blades can be used for many detailing jobs. These single-edge blades are completely safe on most any surface, but much sharper than most plastic blades.

Strip vinyl decals, pin stripes, and dealer stickers. Remove tar, sap, bugs, adhesive, road paint and chewing gum from interiors. Spray on the appropriate liquid remover, and use the razor blade to gently scrap away the contaminant.

Safely use the 100 pack "All American" red/white/blue blades, or the Bulk Pack of Indigo Blades on glass, plastic, metal and painted surfaces. The plastic will not scratch paint like metal blades, but are sharp enough to do the job.

It is similar to using your fingernail, but a lot more efficient and speedy. Best of all, these plastic blades will not cut your fingers and fit into any single edge blade holder.

Plastic Razor Blades are used in Many Areas:

  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Marine
  • Aircraft
  • Home
  • Office
  • Industry

    Our plastic razor blades are made in the USA, and are not subject to breakage like the imported variety.

  • Plastic Razor Blades

    Item NameItemDescriptionQtyPriceLimited Offer
    Plastic Razor Blades TL-ALLAM $8.50
    Plastic Razor Blades TL-ALLAM-BB Best Value! $55.95

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