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Polisher Pad Washer

Polisher Pad Washer
Polisher Pad WasherPolisher Pad Washer
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Product Description

The System 2000 Pad Washer from Lake Country is designed for both wool & foam pad cleaning. May be used on all, single head polishers.

A well conditioned, static-free polishing pad will produce superior finishes, with far less effort than dirty, crusted-over or gummy pads. So quit tossing-out your used pads. The revolutionary Pad Washer cleans and conditions Flat, Variable Contact (VC), CSS & DuraStran foam pads, as well as all types of wool pads in minutes.

The Pad Washer utilizes a patented, buffer-powered agitating wheels to loosen wax and polish residue. It eliminates wool blow-off and work area lint problems. The unit is portable and easily adjusts to fit any pad and polisher combination. It saves money and time by greatly extending the life of your pads, and eliminating constant hand spurring, scrubbing, and shampooing.

Operation is simple. Leave the Polisher Pad Washer on the polisher, and insert the pad onto the adjustable scrubbing platform. No additional electrical, air, or water supply is needed. The "Pad Washer" is super durable and light weight. Unit comes with 2 packets of our "Snappy Clean" citrus degreaser.

Snappy Clean Citrus Degreaser is a concentrated cleaning solution for our Polisher Pad Washer. The strong formula quickly dissolves chemical build-up in wool and foam polisher pads. You can also drop soiled pads in a bucket with the Snappy Clean during your polishing jobs. This will start the cleaning process and keep them from drying out.

Even though it's powerful, the solution is specially designed to keep pad pile clean, soft, and supple. It The citrus, water-soluble solution is biodegradable and packaged in convenient packets.

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