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4 " Cyclo Foam Polisher Pads

Use a Cyclo 4" Foam Pad for spots the 6"-7.5" pads won't reach. These pads have the same wide range of polishing textures as our larger pads.

Choose from (6) textures for six levels of paintwork. Top of the Line only sells the "Premium" Cyclo and Lake Country pads with secure velcro.

Yellow Cutting: Designed for moderate oxidation, scratches and acid rain damage. Use with medium to heavy cutting products: (paint levelers and compounds)

Orange Heavy Polishing: For heavy polishing to remove deep swirls, light to medium scratches and light oxidation. (paint levelers, polishes, and swirls removers)

Green Medium Polishing: Designed for light to medium surface swirls and imperfections. Use with light cutting products: (polishes, swirl removers, pre-wax cleaners, one-step cleaner waxes)

Black Fine Polishing/Finishing: A semi-smooth textured pad for finishing polishes and one-step, cleaner waxes. This pad is slightly thicker and has a concave face.

Blue & White Fine Finishing: Designed for final prep & surface protection products. Use with glazes, paste waxes and polymer sealants.

Bug/Sap/Tar Removal: A texturized foam pad just for removing surface contaminants. The honeycomb texture grabs and pulls-off sticky, gummy substances. It's also great for boat scum, adhesive removal, diamond plate polishing and glass polishing.

Excess product residue may be removed during pad use with our Pad Cleaning Spur. Do not allow products to dry in pads. Drop them in the bucket of car wash soap as soon as you are finished with each pad. This allows them to soak before they are washed. Do not wring or twist pads. Let air dry.

Snappy Clean Citrus Degreaser is a concentrated cleaning solution. Even though it's powerful, the solution is specially designed to keep pad pile clean, soft and supple. The citrus, water-soluble solution is biodegradable and packaged in convenient packets.

4" Yellow Cutting Pad

Our Price: $3.95

4" Blue Fine Finishing Pad

Our Price: $3.75

4" Bug/Tar/Sap Removal

Our Price: $3.95