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Rear Obstacle Sensor

Rear Obstacle Sensor
Rear Obstacle SensorRear Obstacle Sensor
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Product Description
A reverse obstacle sensor can save lives. The "blind spot" behind your vehicle can extend as far as 8 feet! Not only is that area a high risk for vehicle damage, it can kill! Kids N Cars, a consumer organization working to make vehicles safer for children, notes at least 58 children were backed over and killed, last year alone.

Our license plate, reverse sensor uses ultrasound sensors to detect objects within that critical "blind spot" range. When the vehicle is engaged in reverse, the "ReverseGuard" provides an audible warning signal when it detects an object or person within six to eight feet of the vehicle. The system also covers a width that is a little wider than an average vehicle bumper, or about 6 feet. It uses proprietary object detection software, and input power is by DC12V obtained through the output of the vehicle's backup light.

In addition to the interior auditory alarm, the Deluxe Chrome Frame System also includes an LED. This provides the driver with a additional, visual display of the distance to the object. The LED can be mounted in a convenient location above the rear view mirror.

Sensors and Coverage Area:

The ReverseGuard system uses four ultrasound sensors built into a patented license plate frame design. Two sensors are located 5" apart and are angled to optimize coverage. The other two sensors are located on each side of the unit. The four sensors combined provide a field of coverage approximately 6 ft. wide and a distance of 6 to 8 ft. from the frame.

Alarm / Distance from Obstacles:

A beeping warning alarm sounds inside the vehicle. The alarm signal becomes more frequent (rapid) as the vehicle and the object get closer to each other. The LED display has a numeric distance indicator and a dual color band that depicts relative distance. You may monitor the color indicator to determine on which side of the vehicle an object is detected. The indicator will show Red nearest the back of the car, Yellow in the middle range, and Green at the outer range.

Deluxe Chrome Frame System:

  • Patented design
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Automatically activates in reverse
  • Detects objects up to 8 feet away
  • Interior alarm alerts driver
  • Interior LED visual distance indicator
  • LED: 2.5" x .8" silver finish
  • Requires minor wiring access modification behind plate
  • Industrial grade components
  • Chrome plated

    Protect your children, pets, equipment, and vehicle with our Rear Obstacle Sensor!