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Red Stain Remover

Red Stain Remover
Red Stain RemoverRed Stain RemoverRed Stain RemoverRed Stain Remover
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Product Description
Red Stain Remover Top of the Line's "Stain Blaster" red stain remover is a top seller. It's unique, formulation removes super tough red stains on carpet and fabric upholstery.

The stain in the photo was made by red Gatorade, and was more than 2 years old according to the car's owner. Anthony Orosco of Ultimate Reflections applied the Red Blaster twice, per instructions. Carpet cleaning followed, using a portable steamer and extractor.

Application Instructions:

  • Spray the solution on the stain and agitated with a brush to make sure it has penetrated the fiber. Allow it to sit a few minutes to insure the chemical "action" dissolves the dye.

  • Place a dry towel over the area and press with a warm iron. The heat draws the dye to the towel so it can be lifted from the fabric. The process may take a couple of applications on old stains.

  • Follow with a thorough cleaning using Carpet & Fabric Shampoo by hand, or with a professional carpet extractor or steamer.

    (Stain Blaster/ Red Stain Remover is included in the Pro-Spot Kit.)

    "WOW! Red Gatorade stains in the back of my Mercedes are gone, gone, gone! Now I can stop wanting to pummel my friend's soccer buddy, who allowed it to leak all over the carpet. Thank you. Great product!"

    Randy Elia

    Bennet.Elia Design & Advertising


    Stain Blaster is now VOC Compliant!
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