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RV Prep & Wash

RV washing requires a plan. First thing to consider is the location. If you cannot wash an RV at home, take the vehicle to a drive-through car or truck wash with your products and accessories.

#1 time saver is the preparation before the wash. A professional-strength bug remover, tar remover, and wheel cleaner will eliminate a tremendous amount of scrubbing during the wash.

#2 is choosing the right tools. There are several tools you must have before you attempt to wash a large motor home, camper, travel or horse trailer. Their size alone, dictates the tool. You must have a garden hose with good pressure (a pressure washer is not a bad idea), a long handle shampoo brush, a wash mitt with long handle, a bug removing block, and several drying towels.

#3 is using a product that works. Top of the Line products don't waste your time. Over the counter formulas simply don't have the concentration to cut through the heavy road film, insects and tar on a recrational vehicle. Stock your arsenal with a quality bug remover, wheel cleaner, tar remover, glass cleaner, drying towels and of course, a concentrated shampoo.

Pre-spray the vehicle with the bug remover and tar remover. Shampoo using the long handeled brush or wash mop. Dry the glass with one of the towels wrapped around the brush. Remove road tar with the tar remover and bug block. Now you're ready to start the polish & wax process.

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