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SmartWax Detail Clay Kit

SmartWax Detail Clay Kit
SmartWax Detail Clay KitSmartWax Detail Clay KitSmartWax Detail Clay KitSmartWax Detail Clay Kit
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Product Description

SmartClay Makes "Sandpaper Surfaces" Feel like Glass!

The SmartWax Clay Kit contains a non-abrasive clay bar that safely and quickly removes surface contamination by “pulling” them off the surface. The SmartClay works best with SmartDetail, which is included in the kit.

SmartClay is an amazing paint cleansing tool that easily and safely removes the bonded contamination that washing leaves behind. With SmartClay, insect residue, paint overspray, industrial fallout, brake dust, tar and sap are erased away like magic. Use prior to polishing for an ultra-smooth finish. The non-abrasive bar is safe for all paint and plastic.

Your car's finish will never feel more slippery. SmartClay smooths paint to the touch better than traditional paint polishes, and it does not remove any paint in the process. Your paint emerges perfectly clean and the clear coat retains its full depth and protective beauty.

Use SmartClay in conjunction with SmartDetail to lubricate the surface. SmartClay floats (hydroplanes) over the finish, removing only the protruding contamination. SmartDetail's ultra-slick lubrication prevents paint marring and leaves a lightly waxed, high-gloss finish. SmartDetail can also be used as a quick detailer to freshen wax.

SmartClay Features:

  • Cleans every surface on cars, trucks, RVs, boats and aircraft.
  • Removes bonded contamination that's missed by washing & polishing.
  • Prepares paint for polish & wax.
  • Promotes better wax-to-paint bonding.
  • Kit Contains: 5.1 oz "airless" bottle SmartDetail, 1 bar 6.3 oz SmartClay

    SmartClay is the first step to a slick, high gloss finish. We recommend using the clay every 2-4 months. The clay will clean many vehicles. You can expect at least 20 applications. Always wash vehicle first. Do NOT drop SmartClay on the ground. It will have to be discarded.
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