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Sonax Shampoo Concentrate

Sonax Shampoo Concentrate
Sonax Shampoo ConcentrateSonax Shampoo Concentrate
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Product Description
Sonax Car Shampoo is a wax preserving formula that removes the toughest road grime and dirt from your vehicle, but not protective wax coatings. The scientifically developed anionic surfactants within the Sonax Shampoo trap and encapsulate dirt particles on the surface. This process protects against scratching and strengthens the formula for cold water applications.

Sonax Shampoo has a fresh citrus scent and leaves your vehicle with radiant, spotless, streak-free shine. The formula is safe for all paint finishes, fiberglass, gelcoat and aluminum.

During the winter months a volatile coating of soot, tar, oil and salt deposits on the paintwork. First remove the coarser dirt with a powerful water jet.

Sonax Shampoo Application:

  • Pre-spray grill, headlights, bumper and windshield with bug remover, if needed
  • Measure 1 oz (cap full) of the concentrate for each 1 gallon of water
  • Re-wet area to be shampooed
  • Saturate sponge, brush or mitt in bucket
  • Shampoo from the top of the vehicle to the bottom of the rocker panels
  • Rinse often. Do not allow shampoo to dry on surface
  • Wash tires and rims last or use wheel cleaner if needed
  • Dry quickly with a chamois, microfiber or terry towel

    The shampoo concentrate is another product in which a little goes a long way. A typical measurement would be 2 cap fulls in a 5 gallon bucket. Too much product can leave a film on the paint surface as it gradually dries during the wash cycle.

    Also, for stubborn insect marks use a fine abrasive sponge and the Gloss Shampoo Concentrate undiluted to break down the contaminants and remove the unwanted stains.

    Sonax Shampoo Concentrate can also be used as a household detergent, Tiles, porcelain and enamel surfaces benefit from this versatile cleaner.

    Made in Germany

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