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Pro Auto Detail Package

Pro Auto Detail Package
Pro Auto Detail PackagePro Auto Detail Package
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Product Description

The Pro Detail Package is our top seller and has FREE SHIPPING!

It comes with everything you need to start a mobile or small detail business. There are products to clean, polish, and protect every interior and exterior surface, and the right tools to perform the job. This is a top quality selection of the finest professional products in the industry.

Cyclo "Best Buy" Polisher Package:

  • Made in America!
  • Model #5 Cyclo "Mark II" Orbital Polisher
  • 4 White Finishing Pads
  • 4 Green Light Polishing Pads
  • 2 Orange Medium Polishing Pads
  • 2 Yellow Cutting Pads
  • 4 Terry Bonnets
  • 2 Velcro Pad Holders
  • Flat Wrench
  • 2VES weighted inserts

    Top of the Line Professional Products:

  • Trade Secret (carnauba paste wax)
  • (8 oz) Clay Away (sap & over spray remover bar)
  • (32 oz) HT-74 Clay Lubricant

    Hi-Temp Professional Products:

  • (1 gal) HT-204 Bubbling Suds (shampoo concentrate)
  • (1 gal) HT-49 Top Shot Multi-Purpose (cleaner concentrate)
  • (1 gal) HT-78 Poly Plate (quick shine /spray & wipe)
  • (1 gal) HT-69 Paint Perfection Glaze (one-step polish + sealant)
  • (1 gal) HT-7G Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
  • (1 gal) HT-31 Power Scrub (carpet /fabric cleaner concentrate)
  • (1 gal) HT-10 Grape (tire /exterior dressing)
  • (1 gal) HT-61 Smooth Cut (swirl remover /polish)
  • (1 gal) HT-357 Magnum Heavy Cut (scratch remover /paint leveler)
  • (1 gal) HT-710 Wheel Cleaner
  • (1 gal) HT-25 Bug Remover (concentrate)
  • (1 gal) HT-9 Engine Cleaner (concentrate)

    Sprayway Aerosols:

  • (2- 20 oz) Sprayway (aerosol glass cleaners)

    Miscellaneous Products:

  • (1 gal) Optimum (water-based tire /interior dressing)
  • (16 oz) Magic Mix (one-step aluminum polish)

    Detailing Accessories:

  • Soft Wheel Brush
  • Spoke & Slot Brush
  • Boar's Hair Vent Brush
  • Natural Wool Sea Sponge
  • (6) 100% Cotton Terry Drying Towels 
  • (6) 100% Cotton Buffing Towels
  • (6-22 oz) High-Density Spray Bottles
  • (6-16 oz) High-Density Squeeze Bottles
  • (13) Volumetric Pumps for gallon containers
  • (2) Foam Wax Applicators

    2-FREE Top of the Line Aprons

    Buy your detail products in one of our Detail Packages and receive FREE SHIPPING! We have combined our best performing products into (3) Professional Package choices and you reap the benefit!

    Shipping Weight: 167 lbs. (5 boxes)
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