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Leather Stain / Ink Removers

Leather Stain / Ink Removers
Leather Stain / Ink Removers
Leather Master offers several specialized cleaners found nowhere else. This was one deciding factor for adding this remarkable line to our inventory. We will be adding more Leather Master Specialty Cleaners, so keep an eye on this versatile line of leather care.

Cleaning Stains from Leather:

These formulas are generally used when there is an existing problem. The results may vary, depending on the following circumstances:

  • The age of the stain or ink mark
  • Products previously used to remove the stain
  • The sensitivity of the leather
  • Correctly following directions and patience of the user

    Unforeseen variables are common when working with leather. It is a natural material and varies greatly between manufacturer processing and dyeing procedures, age of leather and individual hides. This is why it's so important to pre-test each cleaner prior to use.

    Locate a swatch under the seat or furniture piece to test. This will also give you a chance to practice and develop a technique that works best for that particular leather type.
  • Leather Ink Remover

    Leather Ink Remover

    Our Price: $10.95
    Leather Mold Remover

    Leather Mold Remover

    Our Price: $13.95