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Tornador Car Cleaning Tools

Tornador Car Cleaning Tools
Tornador Car Cleaning ToolsTornador Car Cleaning ToolsTornador Car Cleaning ToolsTornador Car Cleaning ToolsTornador Car Cleaning Tools
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Tornador Car Cleaning Tools

Tornador Car Cleaning Tools


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Tornador Foam Gun

Tornador Foam Gun


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Tornador Blow-Out Tool


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Tornador Enzyme Cleaner


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Product Description
Tornador Car Cleaning Gun #1 Photo: This unique tool is unlike any sprayer or cleaning device we've offered. The Tornador Cleaning Gun is air-driven and has a unique, oscillating tip. It creates a "tornado-like" cleaning action that deep cleans heavily soiled interiors and household surfaces.

Not only can this magic, whirling accessory clean interiors faster and better than manual brushing, it makes cleaning exterior convertible fabric a breeze. The amazing tool is also great for cleaning hard vinyl, plastic, storage pockets, nooks, crannies, consoles, dashboards, and other hard to reach areas of cars, trucks, campers, boats and motor homes.

The Tornador combines a mixture of shampoo, water and air for speed and ease of operation. The tool operates with an air compressor, which ensures plenty of power. It produces a fine mist, which never saturates fabric and can be switched to "air only" for quick drying.

Compressor size varies, depending on the operator's needs. Minimum air pressure of 60 to 90 psi. (constant) is required for optimum performance, but not to exceed 110 psi.

Tornador Complete Cleaning Gun Features:

Powerful compressed air "pulses" agitate dirt and debris
  • Works like a mini pressure washer
  • Vaporizes detergent to remove debris and oil particles without over-saturation
  • reaches into the tightest spaces
  • Utilize wet or dry, with or without detergent
  • Turn lever to air purge and speed drying
  • Includes gun, 32 oz. jar, extra cap for jar

    Used by professionals in the transportation, marine, recreational, and aircraft industries, the Tornador is just at home in your own garage.

    Tornador Foaming Gun #2 Photo:

    Coat your Vehicle in Thick Foam!

    Use your favorite shampoo with an air compressor to create all the foam you'll need to break-down clinging grime. The Tornador Foaming Gun can also be used with Carpet Cleaners to deep clean greasy carpet, canvas tops and upholstery. And surprisingly, it works well with acid free wheel cleaners. The Foaming Gun is especially nice for cleaning large boats, motor homes and RV's.

    Since the foam you create clings to a vertical surface, it stays-on for optimum oil break-down. Use the Foam Gun with a compressor that produces 60-90 psi of air pressure. The air will mix with your cleaning formulas to produce the desired fluffy foam.

    Foaming Gun Features:

  • Pressure valve adjusts amount of foam
  • Use with any foam-producing cleaner
  • Includes foam gun, 30 oz. jar, and extra cap

    Use shampoos and cleaners diluted per directions on bottle.

    Tornador Blow-Out Tool #3 Photo:

    The Tornador Air Blow Out Gun has the same tornado-like motion of the Cleaning Gun, but does not utilize water and shampoo. The air-only tool blows dirt and moisture from any surface. The cone shape widens air flow coming directly from an air compressor.

    Many Uses: The Tornador Blow Out Tool can blast food, hair, trash and dust from beneath seats and between console area. Use the tool to remove debris from any narrow crevice or seam on the interior and blow water from door jams, trunk rim, gutters, mirrors, anywhere pockets of water remain after a car wash. Don't forget the engine compartment and wheels. A quick blast will dry those areas in a few minutes.

    The Blow Out Gun works with an air compressor operating between 60 and 90 psi.

    Blow Out Tool Specifications:

  • Free speed RPM 3600
  • Air Pressure 6.2 bar/90 psi
  • 6.10" x 9.65"

    Tornador Turbo Cleaner - Enzyme #4 Photo:

    A concentrated cleaner designed just for the Tornador Cleaning Tools. Enzyme technology tackles the toughest of interior stains. Fill the Tornador jar with water and add the 6oz packet of EC-100 Turbo Cleaner. It's that simple.