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Roadkill Bingo!

Roadkill Bingo!

Tired of hearing "are we there yet" on those long car trips? Roadkill Bingo gives annoying "complainers" a game they can sink their teeth into. Instead of whining, they eagerly scan the roads for dead bodies! (animals of course) Yes, it's disgusting, but kids and adults love the grossness of it. Squashed critters seem to get the blood rushing.

Roadkill Bingo Includes:

  • 4 plastic bingo sheets
  • 77 static cling squares with different animals
  • Humorous instructions for Roadkill Bingo
  • Instructions for "Roadkill Lotto"

    Object of Game:

  • Play the game much like a standard bingo
  • As roadkill is identified, player places white square over the deceased animal
  • Five animals in a row wins the game
  • If your vehicle hits an animal, the game is over
  • Larger families and groups will need more than one game

    Operation Desert Storm troops passed the time on Saudi Arabia highways by playing Roadkill Bingo! An Army Sergeant passed out the four Roadkill Bingo cards from a 'West Coast' version of the game to his truck convoy drivers, prior to departing King Khalid Military City.

    The Sergeant explained the Roadkill Bingo rules: "If your vehicle hits an animal, the games is over," and announced some critical substitutions required to play the game on the Main Supply Route to Daharan. Abandoned cars, camels and empty water bottles were substituted for the deer, rabbit and skunk on the West Coast version.

    The convoy would stop to compare Roadkill Bingo cards at each rest stop and the troops spotted many 'URKs' (unidentified Roadkill), smells, snakes, shoes and produce along the 450 mile route. "We really enjoyed playing Roadkill Bingo and achieved a Bingo prior to arriving safely in Daharan," the Sergeant reported.

    Final Analysis: Everyone likes Roadkill Bingo!

    (Game not recommended for children under four)

    Roadkill Bingo!


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