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Spot Free Water Filter

Spot Free Water Filter
Spot Free Water FilterSpot Free Water FilterSpot Free Water FilterSpot Free Water Filter
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Spot Free Water Filter

Spot Free Water Filter


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Product Description

The Ionic Clean is an affordable, in-line Water Filter/Softener for home or work.

The Ionic Clean's filter contains de-ionizing charged resin that removes minerals from well water or normal tap water. It eliminates sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus before these minerals spot your vehicle. You know, those nasty little spots that form BEFORE you can finish drying.

Water running through the Ionic Clean is pure and soft, so it insures lots of suds in your bucket. Hard, mineral laden water will not, no matter how much shampoo you add.

Can you imagine washing your car in the sun? With minerals removed from your water, you can. Rinse water run through the Ionic Clean's filter won't leave spots on a hot surface.

The Ionic Clean also produces a neutral charge on your vehicle's surface. Dust isn't attracted to the metal, so you won't have to wash as often. Nice!

The bottom section of the Ionic Clean attaches directly to a standard garden hose. The 20ft flex hose attaches to standard wash brushes, spray nozzles and hand held triggers. A bypass valve allows you to shampoo with unfiltered water, which saves your filter for the final spot-free, streak-free rinse.

Don't worry about purchasing expensive replacement filters. The Ionic Clean has the most affordable ones available. Order a couple with your unit.

Ionic Clean Features:

  • Turns hard water into spot-free, soft water.
  • Attaches to garden hose.
  • Can be used with flow-through brushes or trigger nozzles.
  • Bypass valve saves filter for final rinse.
  • Extra long, 20' flex hose
  • 2' L x 5" D, 13 lbs
  • Affordable replacement filters
  • Filters last around 15-20 washes (40 gal), depending on your water quality.
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