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Portable Water Tanks

Water Tanks Are you a professional detailer, or do you just need water in an area with no access? Our 90, and 200 gallon Rectangular Tanks will fit in a van, pick-up, or on a mobile trailer. Our 150 and 300 gallon Low Profile Tanks will fit in a pick-up or on a mobile trailer.

Both style tanks are manufactured of the highest industrial specifications. The heavy-wall density tanks are of one piece, seamless construction, and rotationally molded from non-corrosive linear polyethylene.

Rectangular Tanks:

The rectangular shape creates no wasted space, and does not need a secured base like a round tank. Simply bolt in place with stainless steel straps. The tanks have cut-out grooves just for the straps.

Both the 90 and the 200 gallon include a filler cap and one or more connections (for standard garden hose) which may be positioned to your specifications anywhere along the bottom of the tanks.

Tank length, width, and height are calculated to the nearest eight of an inch, and they can be used in any position. Tanks should be set in the center of a vehicle for balance, or over an axle for strength.

Low Profile Tanks:

Our Low Profile Water Tanks are available in a Roto-Molded, 150 or 300 gallon size.

These remarkable tanks reduce wind drag and are designed to fit comfortably between the wheel wells inside a pick-up bed. They also fit between the fenders of a mobile trailer.

The hose connection is already placed on long side, front center of these tanks. It will require an adapter (found at any hardware store) to connect to your garden hose.


  • Fits most standard pick-up beds and small trailers.
  • Low profile for good visibility from cab to rear of vehicle or trailer, and low center of gravity for stability.
  • Extra deep recess of fill well area reduces spillage.
  • 10" positive locking fill well cap (1/8 turn) is attached to tank to prevent loss.
  • Graduation gallon scale on side of tanks.
  • Easy to clean.


  • In addition to water, the polyethylene tanks may carry industrial and agricultural chemicals. (Should not be used to store gasoline, oil, diesel or other hydrocarbons.)
  • Material is ultraviolet stabilized for durability, and can be repaired if damaged.
  • Heavy duty wall construction.
  • Graduation gallon scale on side of tanks.
  • 36 month warranty from date of manufacture.

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