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4" Foamed Wool Pad

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Product Description
Lake Country's "Foamed Wool" technology is a patented process that encapsulates the base of the lambs wool fibers with microscopic poly foam particles. The silky finish of these pads is amazing.

Performance: Wool blend combination cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad. It aggressively removes 1500-2000 grit scratches, leaving a lustrous finish with no hazing or swirls.

Minimal Linting: Foaming process locks in the lambs wool fibers, significantly reducing linting.

Dense Body: Foamed fibers resist matting and compression. foaming process also creates minute air pockets at the base of the fibers, which improves cushioning and retention of polishes and levelers.

Consistent Quality: Mechanized manufacturing process produces a highly uniform material, resulting in consistent pad performance and durability, unlike natural wool pads.

Easy Care: Wash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse well and air dry.

These pads are actually 4 1/4" & fit our 4" pad holders for use on on any orbital polisher, rotary polisher or hand drill with the appropriate velcro plate. (The Foamed Wool pads are too large for our Cyclo Polisher.)

Do not allow products to dry in the pads. Drop them in the bucket with Snappy Clean Pad Cleaner as soon as you are finished using them. This allows pads to soak before they are washed. Rinse and air dry. Do not wring or twist the pads.
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