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303 Vinyl Protectant quart

303 Vinyl Protectant quart
303 Vinyl Protectant quart
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Product Description
303 Vinyl Protectant is the best UV blocker we've found. The formula has so much protection, its like a #30 sunscreen for your vinyl! 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant contains no silicone or solvents, and leaves a deep, lasting shine.

"Your product "303" is wonderful! It makes all vinyl look factory new and rejuvenated, without the shiny, slick surface that lesser products (containing silicone or petroleum distillates) leave. It even removed the slight scuff marks. However, I am very frugal, and do not "spray & remove" but rather saturate a small soft cloth and apply, then remove. This also avoids the spray getting where one does not want. Feel free to use my recommendation to others."

Jim Manner

Panaca, NV

303 has been the choice of boat owners for many years, making its transition to the automotive industry a natural. Its vinyl, rubber, and fabric protectants are without equal. Years of research on UV damage has resulted in superior protection for cars, boats, aircraft, and the home. A single application will keep surfaces from fading until you remove it.

303 is THE LEADER in UV Screening Technology. 303 Aerospace Protectant really is like "SPF 40 Sunscreen ... For Your Stuff." Regular use gives 100% Prevention of UV caused slow-fade with regular use. No other "protectant" beautifies as intensely, protects as powerfully or lasts as long.

Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303® Aerospace Protectant™ is a premium surface treatment that provides superior protection against harmful UV rays that cause discoloration, fading, embrittlement, cracking, chalking and/or loss of mechanical properties.

303 Features:

  • Keeps treated surfaces looking new
  • Prevents fading and cracking
  • Restores lost color and luster
  • Powerful UV blockers
  • Anti-Static, repels smudges, dust, soiling and staining
  • Matte finish with no oily and greasy residue
  • Easy to use, simply spray on and wipe dry

    Recommended Applications

    Safe and effective on vinyl, clear vinyl, gel-coat, fiberglass, carbon fiber, synthetic/natural rubber, plastics and finished leather. Good for use on: dashboards, automotive leathers, black plastic fenders, plexiglass, vinyl decals, door & trunk seals, vinyl convertible tops, boats & RV seats, Tonneau covers, Dacron sails, inflatable boats, spa covers, etc.

    The World's Most Manufacturer-Recommended Product.

    Because of its enduring cosmetic properties, the resistance of 303-treated surfaces to dust, soiling, and staining, its water repellency and unparalleled protective characteristics, manufacturers worldwide recommend 303 Aerospace Protectant.
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